Sine magnetic plates

Sine magnetic chuck is designed for clamping of workpieces during their processing at various angles. Double-tilt sine chuck consists of three main
units: lower base, middle tilting chuck and top magnetic chuck. Singletilt chuck consists of three units: lower base and top magnetic chuck. Pivot axis is made of steel, base ismade of cast iron or steel. Tilting parts of a single-tilt chuck operate in a longitudinal plane, while tilting parts of a doubletilt chuck operate in a transverse plane.Angle adjustment is eected with angle blocks via special formulations. The chuck is turned on and off by a 180° turn of a handle

• High processing accuracy and strong hold due to
even magnetic force distribution.
• Tilting angle in a longitudinal plane – 0-60°, in a
transverse plane – 0-45°
• Attraction force is 70 N/cm2.